Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The one where absolutely nothing happened. At all. Apparently.

Another week sadly lost to the fading collective memory. Still, James is as always on hand to entertain us with his Q&A session for this week!

our Boardgamegeek Guild page James has initiated an open Q&A session with a new question each week. Feel free to play along at home, and even if you are not a regular IBG attendee you are more than welcome to join in with your own answers!

Last weeks question: “I'm sure we all have our superstitions and habits... so I'm wondering from a gaming perspective what people like to do for the gods to smile on them while they play... a favourite colour perhaps... ?”

James: "For me I tend to want to play brown or orange if available... it's a 70's thing tobacco I'm also very paranoid about going first... don't like it... especially on a new game... I'm happy to let someone else look foolish first with a numbskull opening gambit zombie Lastly, but most importantly. I always try to sit to the left of Paul... no idea why but feels like this contributes to more of my victories than any other strategies arrrh"
Paul A: "And I have no gaming superstitions. Don't care about colour, position, believe in jinxed dice, etc. Maybe that's why I never win ... "
Paul D: "Superstiitions? I am at a disadvantage as I can never sit to the left of me, unless playing solo and that really isn't an advantage. You guys should all realise that I'm uniquely at a real disadvantage because of this and that's MY reason for not winning many games. I'm not sure I like superstitions, although I don't naturally like red or blue pieces, but I caught myself with this attitude a few weeks ago and played red as a result to mix it up a bit, and no change to my result there either. I don't really like going first, but not because of any superstition, more because I don't listen to the rules as well as I should and if I see a couple of other people play a turn then I might be able to bluff my way into looking like I understood them. Do you know, maybe I can see why my win rate is on the low side... ... anyone fancy sitting to my left in Machi Koro on Wednesday? "
Tom 2: "Will always choose purple if available. Will never pick yellow (but I believe not many would) "
Tom 1: "I always pick yellow! arrrh"

Tonio: "I generally choose the colour most closely resembling the jumper/ top I'm wearing, mainly so that I remember what colour I am. otherwise I have no problem with any colour. in Carson City I am often brown."
Dan: "No particular superstitions, although I am a firm believer in Sod's Law. "

Natasha: "I always used to pick yellow. Always. But nowadays I'll take green first, yellow second. They say that red is the "target colour", so if you play red, and you get ganged up on rather a lot then - er - stop playing red. Purple is for girls Tom. 8 year old girls. Just thought someone ought to tell you, hmm?"

This weeks question: “What's your favourite expansion... is there a game that you never play without that extra card/counter/shiny dice that makes the game complete ?”

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