Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The one with the incredibly recursive game

It’s not often that you get to see a long form card version of a dice based filler, but that’s what those ker-ayzee kids at Game Factory have served us up this week. Thankfully Paul has been hitting the Aloe Vera juice so his recollection is good of a quiet two-table night in the Riverview Room. No idea what the other mob were up to at the time but I think it was an all-night bash at Agricola if I remember right.

Thanks to Paul A for the following reports:

Qwixx, der Kartenspiel
 Poor Qwixx had to be nominated for the Spiel des Jahres the same year as Hanabi. This slight variation (cards instead of dice, the lazy mans re-design) may be a little neater than the base game. Simple and fast without being trivial.

Cryptozoic have an amazing hit-rate with their media tie-ins, and this is another winner. An intriguing development is the presence of a "semi-traitor", a loyal player who is however out for themselves. A nice twist and we failed to keep the free world safe from bombings, militia and terrorist plots. Fun.

Council of Verona
When you can make someone think you've protected your guy by playing an antidote, but actually it's a poison and they swap it out and place it on one of their characters - that's a good day.

On our Boardgamegeek guild page James has initiated an open Q&A session with a new question each week. Feel free to play along at home, and even if you are not a regular IBG attendee you are more than welcome to join in with your own answers!
Last weeks question: “What is your most prized gaming possession ? What one thing do you own of a game nature that you value above all else?”

Dan: "Prized gaming stuff? These are just toys, right? Anything I pick up of any real monetary value usually gets sold pretty quickly, everything else is there to be played rather than admired. I guess I'm not particularly sentimental about stuff like this!"

Paul A:
"There's a few favourite games from years ago that I'm sure glad I have a copy of (Source of the Nile, Space Hulk). And even though I've hardly ever played it, I'm glad to have Earth Reborn, a phenomenal game that the world just passed by. "

John B: "It's my collection of very old Avalon Hill titles. Of which if I had to pick one it's Dispatcher, not really a great game but one I had a lot of trouble getting hold of.
Outside the gaming world, my most prised possession is Justice League of America #1 from 1961 "

James: "My favourite gaming related item is probably one that's had little use to date, but the table I picked up last year at a charity shop. the top flips from a poker table to a nice wooden table, and this hides a hexagonal pool table underneath... If I had the space this would be the centre-piece of the lounge.
In terms of games, probably my favourite is the Alea version of Chinatown. Nothing particularly that rare, but one of my favourite games and I love the Alea design."

Paul M: "My favourite gaming related item are the little ships in Navegador as they catch my imagination and make me feel like an explorer on the verge of discovery!"

This weeks question: “Is there any game (or games) that you're itching to play... either it's too hard to find, takes too long, to complex etc... What's the game that you've had on your bucket list for ages but you've never actually had a chance to play?”

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