Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The one with the sound of tumbleweed

Nothing is known about the mysterious night of 25th February 2015. It may even be that no games were played at all, either that or everyone was stuck in a twelve day Agricola marathon. In any case, we at least have the Q&A session to keep us in touch with the goings-on at IBG!

our Boardgamegeek Guild page James has initiated an open Q&A session with a new question each week. Feel free to play along at home, and even if you are not a regular IBG attendee you are more than welcome to join in with your own answers!

Last weeks question: “In all the games you've played, what is your favourite component...? Or to put this in another way... what part of a game do you secretly fondle under the table when no-one is looking... (anyone answering The King piece from El Grande, will be banned!”

Tonio: "I do like the pieces in Forbidden Desert, not the ship but the little tick markers for the cards. All the pieces in Tobago make me want to stroke them."
Dan: "That would be the dndeeples for Waterdeep. They were a totally extravagant purchase but well worth it, a cute little horde of mini adventurers marching to their doom. Otherwise, the completely redundant Mount Skullzfire. I mostly prefer good artwork over extraneous bits though. "
James: "the easy answers would be the plastic chips from Splendor, the metal coins in Libertalia or The Speicherstadt. The coins especially make a satisfying metallic 'chink' sound when dropped But I think my favourite components in a game are the little boxes you get to stash your jewels d10-7 in for Diamant. A genius touch by the designers. Simple, but so effective."
John B: "For me it's either the space ships in Starfarers of Catan or the dice substitute in Inkognito"
Paul A: "Favourite component? Looks across a bookshelf full of grey and brown. I've always admire the volcano from The Downfall of Pompeii as a completely necessary but lovely bit of bling."
Paul D: "Hmmmm - favourite component to fondle? I like the heavy wooden rectangles from Founding Fathers - in the same way as the heavy discs from Splendor. I like the look of the board in Airlines Rurope with all the plastic planes flying over it. "

This weeks question:  “I'm sure we all have our superstitions and habits... so I'm wondering from a gaming perspective what people like to do for the gods to smile on them while they play... a favourite colour perhaps... ?”

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