Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning to count the sides of a triangle

Contributors:  Dan, David, Original Flavour James, Tom One

So, another great night - we are rapidly running out of table space at this rate!
So let me see how much of this I remember. There was a game with numbered cards that went up to 23, not sure what it was other than that the number 23 was important as it was mentioned several times (no I wasn't playing, before you doubt my attention span during one of Tom's rules explanations). Sounds like a late attempt to jump on a meme to me.

There was then a bash at One Night Ultimate Finger Pointing; I'm only theorising here that James was out of control due to imbibing his extra strong ale during the procedings.
Meanwhile, myself, Soren, Anne, and Phillipe enjoyed a nice quiet moment of swooning over adorable Pandas, except they weren't always adorable but sometimes they were, tricky little beggars that they were. I seemed to win more by default than by skill, but it was a pleasant little game in any case.
Then we went to the Dark Moon once again with another full house of seven players - I'm starting to think that is too many, maybe four or five is the sweet spot for this one?

Next up was Pictomania, blimey let's not talk about Tom's five sided triangle shall we?

And to finsh off at the 'head table' was four player Mysterium, in which Soren showed us all how to play. Hmm, need to ramp up the difficulty next time he's at the table!
Also seen doing the rounds was Runebound (I feel for you all), Tragedy Looper (not Paul's sort of game apparently, but I was envious having wanted to try this one for quite a while now), the 'hilariously' titled and ridiculously over-produced (but in a good way) Flick 'em up, plus there must have been some other stuff going on surely?


Myself, James, Tom and Paul started the evening with a game of 23 which I think was everyone's first time playing. The objective is to discard your hand by playing numbers in an ascending order. If you play a number which is out by two you take a penalty chip rising on the number difference. It was a fun quick game with probably more strategy than we were throwing at it such as raising the number higher to try and shaft everyone else rather than just raising by one or two.
We then moved onto One Night Ultimate Werewolf once more people arrived. This time, it was myself. Alex, James II, Anne, Tom, Danny, James and Philippe. I was a Villager so had to rely on everyone else to reveal who they claimed to be and who they thought was the werewolf. Suspicion quickly settled on the corner with Tom, Danny and Anne all suspects. After a bit of deliberation and finger pointing Tom was accused of being one of the werewolves. Turns out the two werewolves were James, who had claimed to be a Insomniac and who had led the calls against Tom, and Anne who had revealed a flaw to her claim but which we had passed off as a simple mistake, to our cost.
After that was the game of Dark Moon with myself, Tom, Dan, Neil, Jon, James II and Alex. It was my first time playing and I enjoyed it immensely. I think Alex revealed himself too early as I don't think many of us suspected him but we were onto James II from the start whilst Dan had slipped under the radar as we wrongly accused Jon and stuck him in Quarantine. I felt I did a fairly good job until a critical miscalculation on a task towards the end, thinking we had enough dice to finish it but not realising both Neil and Jon had no dice. (whoops) It was pretty close and without the sabotage on the shields we might have had enough to win. I thought it played well with seven as it seemed there are more decisions and deliberations on who are the infected although there was a bit of downtime between turns and it took a while to complete with seven.
To finish the evening was Pictomania, hard to see in the light (with my eyesight) so ended up guessing towards the end but I felt my expert drawing/scribbles more than made up for it, although I did rather let myself down my with giant naked Homer, doh.


After FlickEmUp (this game really should be played alongside Colt Express) we continued the wild west/new frontiers theme of the evening and started a game of Discoveries... yet another new toy supplied by John B... Dany, Soren, John and me all looking to traverse mountains and paddle rivers to get to the West Coast...
No time to write a proper report, but it's a neat game... more compact than Lewis & Clark, and nowhere near as heavy... I suspect a lot of L&C fans may turn to this in the coming year... Soren won, I tihnk he was hiding dice from another game somewhere... I somehow landed 2nd despite feeling like I was struggling to keep up the whoel game (or maybe that's just my usual outlook on life...?) John came a gracious 3rd and Dany ... well Dany came along and had a fun evening. Good show Dany.
It's a neat game though, if Neil brings his copy along one evening I'm sure it'll get another run out !


“Anne who had revealed a flaw to her claim but which we had passed off as a simple mistake, to our cost.” - I beg your pardon, sir! There I was pointing out the mistake as a crystal clear indication of her lupine nature and I then get lynched on the grounds of "you revealed last" by none other than James! I was the Drunk, you fools! *sigh* Great game.
23 - I had played before but a while ago and it wasn't helped by using a rules summary rather than looking at a straight translation of the rules. Rather than each round ending when someone goes out, all players have to go out or quit (taking a penalty based on cards in hand). This allows a lot more for screwage and bonus chip economy.
Dark Moon was great as per usual. Understand what Dan is saying in terms of 7. think that a game of 5 or 7 with people who know what they have to do will really sing. Will be interesting as and when we finally get an Uninfected victory. Possibly could have got one if Dave hadn't played that task card.

Pictomania was hilarious and remains my favourite drawing/party game. I dreamt of giant, naked Homer last night.

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