Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This town ain't big enough for the 2-5 in 60-90 mins of us

Contributor: David

Myself, Tom, James B, Raj (new one), Philippe and someone else started the evening with Good Cop Bad Cop and its expansion Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover.

We worked out fairly quickly that Philippe was the Kingpin. I had to convince Tom that I was an honest cop before as he had turned a gun on me and thankfully he believed me as we then set about turning our weapons on Philippe. There wasn't much Philippe could do as it was four against two.

The expansion added a cover that allows to protect one of your identity cards, this didn't seem to add much other than to slow down the investigation and force players to turn guns on each other just to find out who was who.

Magnus, Karolina, myself, James B and Raj (new one) made three valiant attempts at surviving The Grizzled. The last time I played with Magnus and Karolina we came within one mission of surviving the horrors of the First World War. This time however we didn't stand a chance, we failed almost every mission and watched as our morale dropped. It didn't help that our leaders were selfish, bloodthirsty and at one point mute! It's a lovely game, a very tight co-op with almost no room for mistakes, one trauma too many and it can signal the end of the game. I'm not often a fan of co-ops but this is probably my favourite one I've played, just hard enough and doesn't take too long.

In between games we played a few games of Pinguin-Party. There's not much to say about this other than someone always turns into an arsehole and plays a card that breaks the pyramid for everyone else. I was that arsehole at least once!

There was also a game of Dice Town with myself, Tom, James B, Raj (new one), Magnus and Karolina. I spent most of the game rolling nines that activated the gold mine. I deviated from this strategy a little by rolling Tens and gaining money from the bank.

The other players meanwhile were being a bit more adventurous by fighting over the Sheriff, gaining items from the general store and winning the favour of the girls. Magnus made the winning move by stealing from Tom on the last turn and stealing his highest victory point card which helped propel me to victory. My slow and steady collection of gold and money was enough to see off the other players. A fun little dice game.

To end the evening was a game of Pi mal Pflaumen, or the Plum game. A trick taking game where you build sets of fruit. The theme is a bit pasted on but it has beautiful artwork. I can't remember much of what happened only that Karolina stole from me a couple of times as I was working my slowly to last place. I believe Karolina then won by a single point over Magnus with Tom and James some way behind them.

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