Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The One With Lots Of Space; Ships, Traitors, and Emperors

Contributors:  Daniel

Almost an awkward night last night as the first four people through the door neglected to bring any games with them Fortunately, both Gareth and I arrived with bulging bags.

We kicked off with a round of No Thanks before splitting into two tables. Gareth, Sarah, Anne, and John went all-night on BSG, they scarpered from the room pretty quickly at the end of the night so no idea who was the Toaster, or even which side won.

Meanwhile, Phil, Phil, Dan, and Dan built some castles in club favourite Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Phil played a calm game before stomping us all with massive scores on his bonus cards. Even so, it was a tight finish with just a few points separating us all.

Philippe, Dan, and I then played Mag-Blast, in which we broke the manufacturers recommended play time due to a fair amount of misplaced strategic consideration. All good take-that fun with plenty of Pew-Pew laser sounds involved, but really benefits from being played at a breakneck pace.

We weren't able to fit Stone Age in as intended so instead went off to save the Multiverse again, with Dan in full 'robot from the future' mode as he totally got into the character of Omnitro-X. Apparently this is Dan's favourite new game, who would have thought a Co-Op would delight him so much?

Time and memory is mixing up the two games of this that we played in successive weeks, but I think that the one last week was against Citizen Dawn in Insula Primalis (in other words Magneto in Jurassic Park) where Haka became MVP by using the dark side of his powers to consume a great deal of her army of super-powered Citizens into savage Mana. This prevented Dawn from flipping her character card, which makes her invulnerable to damage until she has had an opportunity to rebuild her army, and allowed the heroes to grind her down in short order.

This week's game was a showdown against Voss, an intergalactic warlord and emporer of a thousand suns, at the Wagner Mars Base. Depsite bringing out one of his big ships and flooding us with a Forced Deployment of several of his minions we held him in check relatively easily and sent him packing back to Dok'Thorath.

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