Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hudson on Hyde Park

Players: David, Quinland, James, Olga, Neil, Dan

A special additional game night slotted into the calendar this week to celebrate the return of our old friends David and Quinland from Oregon. It was Poker Night upstairs so we were sent packing to what was a rather lovely table in the bay window at the front of the pub.
In honor of their visit (see what I did there?)  I have chosen the most American picture I could find on the internet for tonight's blog. 
I do hope they will still want to come back.


This is the kind of quick filler material that is dead simple to explain, and dead simple to play (even while preoccupied with wolfing down one of The Apprentices finest steak pies), yet it is far more difficult than you might imagine. Quinland won convincingly, but we'll give ourselves a pass as she was after all the most recent one of us to have sat through a history lesson.

Colt Express

Despite the rules being 'Jamesed' David and Quinland were quite accommodating about flying several thousand miles to sit and watch a man read from a rulebook. David had a narrow victory over Olga after James got too greedy in raiding the briefcase from the engine room and put a target on his back.


James is still obsessed with Spiders, David and Quinland solved their clues pretty quickly despite my having to dump a load of crappy cards on Quinland, Olga missed the most obvious clue of the game which then meant that every subsequent card I gave her just confused things further, and Neil had a rough time as it was phenomenally difficult to match cards to his clues. 

Six players is far, far too many with too much downtime for the investigators as it's much harder for the ghost to juggle who gets their dream first - with five dreams to juggle and fifteen or more active cards on the table there is a lot of scope for mis-interpretaion and it was the most challenging game I've had as the ghost. People tend to focus on their neighbour's dreams rather than the whole table (no surprise that D&Q were at the opposite end of the table from James ), people end up taking two turns in the same round, cards get mixed up, days get missed, and so on.

Despite, or because of, all this we got to the end and 'won'

A Fake Artist Goes To New York 

A different kind of game to previous efforts with everybody working on their own little space instead of one central piece. James straddled the language barrier at one point but managed to correct his 'Trousers' clue before he spread more than the usual amount of confusion. Neil had the wooden spoon of being Fake Artist more than anyone else but did quite well in correctly guessing the clue. Went down well again.


Never a dull moment with this club favourite for some end-of-evening fun. David stomped to victory after being involved in a brace of big two-player hauls - the first a massive seal hunt that tanked after an encounter with Nanuk, the second was a bird hunt that nobody else believed would run on for a whole eight days. 

No fancy question of the week for this edition!

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