Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Wow! Four of the five newbies returned, not only is that a record but it’s the closest I’ve seen to a miracle over the last few years, great to have you back one and all! And welcome to Chris, a fellow Waggler and owner of

We were zapped downstairs and although that’s not much of a problem it does mean the public gets to see us in our full glory. After one false start and an ever increasing turn out games were chosen and off we went in our little groups.

Dead of Winter

This attracted five; Tom and Jim, Chris, Jon and Dan. No idea what went on but I’m betting they all got zombies after putting up a good fight..

Meanwhile John Bandettini had an upcoming Essen release in the form of Heroes Wanted. The call rang out and suckered in were James, Andy, Natasha and Noel. No report for this one either although I did hear that Storage Wars could be a better game..

Puerto Rico

So down to me and my lot, Paul II, Gareth II and Arturo to get to grips with this classic. Gareth whipped through the rules and in true Gareth style showed us all how to play. Saying that good efforts from Paul and Arturo on the buildings and Arturo did impressively well with bonus points come game end. It’s a great game and I mustn’t leave it to one game a year.. keep reminding me someone, please!

Final Scores; Gareth - 58, Arturo - 49, Neil - 44, Paul - 33.

7 Wonders

We followed that up with another beauty! Very close this one, very close indeed. Arturo and I went for some early military might although Gareth with his two freebies on his board came through strongest come nightfall.

He also scored well financially. I maxed out on my pyramid building scoring me a whacking great 20 points, although only 6 on other buildings where both Paul, with 24, and Arturo, 20, performed brilliantly. Not much going on with the yellow cards to be fair and Paul managed good returns on both purple and green cards..

Final Scores; Neil - 45, Paul & Arturo - 43, Gareth - 40.

For Sale

So, another quick game followed for the four of us. Another classic of course. For some reason I was allowed to pick up some great properties relatively cheaply. And then even better flog them on for hefty profits. Paul was paying some attention to come in second place and it was good to see Arturo pipping Gareth for third!

Final Scores; Neil - 73, Paul - 63, Arturo - 55, Gareth - 50.

Machi Koro

Talking of Essen.. last year’s gem had a double run out for Neil, James, Natasha and Noel. My first game strategy of wheat farming didn’t work too well it must be said. The other three didn’t fair that much better with Natasha’s 6 rolling not earning him anything - buy a 6 card for heaven’s sake - until Noel got himself going with a cheese factory and it was game over.

The second run out was a bit closer an affair with Noel again doing well and me being involved. James had gone the cafe and restaurant route, too many jacket potatoes I reckon, he got very little. And then Natasha started rolling 4s and that was that… blimey this finishes in a hurry, just when I needed a little time to build on my extensive portfolio…

And thus ended September for the IBG. Great month, roll on Spieltober!!

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