Saturday, 9 July 2011

The BBQ Birds of IBG..........

Saturday 9th July was the date of the second annual IBG BBQ, which saw an impressive 20 adults and 10 children (and 3 'pre-children'...) descend on Jon's house for an afternoon of fire-cooked food, plenty of drink and a generally fun social time.

Special mention should go to Ian, who came even though it was his son's birthday, and also Vicky & Maynard, who drove all the way from Dorset to be with us (not quite true, but close enough...)

The overwhelming feedback from some of the slightly suspicious IBG-spouses was - "We were amazed at how normal everyone was!" I'm still not sure whether that statement makes me feel proud, or slightly offended, that our womenfolk should think that we all hang out with a bunch of goofy nerds on a Wednesday night......

Anyway, thanks to everyone who turned up and helped make it such a fun event (especially Gareth, for his pre-event assistance in the kitchen - learning how to prepare fennel into the bargain....) and for the good Lord who caused the sun to shine on us all (eventually...)

We were all having so much fun that I forgot to take any photos, but thanks to Maynard, the day will be forever remembered by these 3 portraits of 3 lovely ladies - Rach, Petra and Tanya. I'll leave you to guess who is who.......


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