Saturday, 17 July 2010

IBG Summer BBQ 2010...

Well, the weather held off, and 18 IBG'ers and their families turned up for the very first IBG summer BBQ.

The highlights were:

1) No-one died of food poisoning (as far as I know...)
2) Ian's baby slept like
3) Barrie's Damson Gin
4) Gareth's Stephanie learning how to make an excellent Pimms
5) Ian eating his body-weight in meat
6) Mark revealing his strange phobia of all fruit and fruit-based desserts....
7) Tonio rebranding himself as 'Antonio'
8) Katarina letting slip that Rob is actually a bit of a sore loser
9) Gareth getting soundly beaten by Jon's 4 year-old daughter at a board game (although he was observed studying the rules carefully at one point to check that she wasn't 'doing a Gareth'.......)

Rob tucks in as Antonio holds court...       The boys congregate at
                                                       the business end of the garden...

                                       Barrie + baby - baby's parents......
Many thanks to all those who turned up and made it such a fun afternoon, and especially to the founder members who helped set-up and wash-up which was much appreciated!

Looking forward to the next IBG social event - Christmas 2010. Only 160 days until Christmas Day!!!

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