Friday, 12 March 2010

Meet the IBG'ers - #02........

This is the second in the series where we give you the opportunity to delve deep into the psyche of one of the Isleworth BoardGamers, and find out what makes them the sort of person that will come out to a pub on a Wednesday night to play with their toys with a bunch of other so called 'grown-ups'.

This month, our very own 'Italian Stallion' comes under the spotlight......


  Meet the Isleworth Boardgamers (#02) - Tonio

• Name: Antonio Giannotta (Tonio)

• Place of birth: Ealing

• Current place of residence: Sunbury

• Single / married / shacked up / kids etc: none (I have a girlfriend)

• Job: Second in Maths in an all boys’ secondary school.

• First came to IBG: September '09

• If you had to describe yourself using just 3 words, what would they be?  Depends who to? If I was meeting someone I’d say, Bald, Glasses, Hatscarf. If it was a dating site I’d say Fun, Friendly, Honest. If It was to kick-start a biography I’d say mathematical, self-depricating, intense. …What was the question?

• Top 3 favourite boardgames and why:
o Finca (three lemons and a donkey – now that’s a stiff drink),
o Galaxy Trucker (it’s got enough luck in it so that if I lose I can blame it on the luck element)
o Tobago (pretty pieces.)
o Castle Panic (even non-gamers can get involved)
o Btw, I can’t count.

• Least favourite boardgame and why: Snakes and Ladders, probably. Or LRC. No skill so no joy in winning.

• Favourite food: I don’t have favourite food. I just love all food so long as it isn’t processed. Fresh ingredients are the way forward.

• Favourite drink: Cranberry juice and lemonade when I’m driving; Real Ale if I’m not.

• When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought? I only have 5 minutes to shave, shower and get out of the house.

• If you could only save one inanimate object from your house before it was engulfed in flames (assuming loved ones etc were safe), what would it be?  One of my guitars, but I’d probably burn while trying to decide which one.

• What is your best physical attribute? My legs, no doubt.

• If you could only have 3 songs on your i-Pod, what would they be? Depends on my mood...
o That’s Amore, Sway, and Mambo Italiano – Dean Martin
o Suspicious Minds, Always On My Mind, A Little Less Conversation – Elvis
o Una Notte a Napoli, Amado Mio, Anna (el negro zumbon) – Pink Martini

• When I'm not at IBG, I like to: Sing in a choir, cook, eat, play badminton, play guitar, sleep, go out visiting public gardens, watch Heroes, play ukulele, play on the Wii, play board games, and if there’s time in the week I like to spend time with my girlfriend.

• Would you rather: Be confined to your bedroom for one year –OR- go wherever you want but always have to wear a giraffe costume?  No contest, where’s the costume? I’d wear it anyway!


All I can say is, Tonio must have a very long-suffering girlfriend, who's prepared to be 12th on his activity list, and go out with him whilst he's wearing a giraffe costume. I guess it must be his legs........

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  1. I guess it must be his legs then... ! ;)