Saturday, 6 February 2010

Meet The IBG'ers - #01........

This is a new monthly feature on the blog - a chance for you to find out a little bit more about these strange creatures that lurk about in the upstairs room at The London Apprentice every Wednesday, shuffling little bits of cardboard around on green cloths.

Are they truly normal human beings, or actually some 'lost tribe' of forgotten individuals whose only foray into civilised society is to venture out into the London night once a week and drool over the collection of 'big people's toys' that they bring with them???

You decide.........


     Meet the Isleworth Boardgamers (#01) - Barrie

• Name: Barrie

• Place of birth: Manchester
• Current place of residence: Isleworth

• Status: Separated, 2 grown up children. Loving being a singleton, and don’t really see me getting hitched for some time, I like my own way too much!

• Job: Consultant project manager

• First came to IBG: Founder member

• If you had to describe yourself using just 3 words, what would they be? Honest, Practical, Fair

• Top 3 favourite board games:
1) Powergrid – it’s got everything I like, auctions, strategy, finance etc.
2) Tikal – Just a nice game, lots going on and fun!
3) Year of the Dragon – Cos I usually beat Gareth!

• Least favourite board game: Le Havre – WHAT A BORE....

• Favourite food: LOL – almost anything. Don’t like tripe, and - oddly creamy chicken dishes!

• Favourite drink: Water, water, water!

• If you had to eat a hamster, how would you cook it? Baked in clay

• Greatest achievement in life: My kids, they are bright, clever, polite and self reliant. A job well done!

• If you could have 1 Super-Power for a day, what would it be? Flight...... just imagine!!! (errr....ever heard of something called a plane, Barrie...?)

• If you could have any 4 people for dinner, who would you invite? Easy one – Stephen Hawkins, Les Dawson, Joanna Lumley, Arnold Schwarzenegger

• Pet Peeve: Lack of consideration

• If you could only have 3 songs on your i-Pod, what would they be? 
1) Perfect - The The
2) Sunscreen - Baz Lurman
3) Autobahn - Kraftwerk

• When I'm not at IBG, I like to: Do a little archery, gardening, party, BBQ, have friends round for food and drinks, walk, cycle, Xbox.

• Would you rather... when faced with an attacking grizzly bear, be armed with a guitar -OR- with a saxophone? Saxophone. With the goddam awful racket a Sax makes, it’s a clear winner to scare any grizzlies in Isleworth away!


And there you have it - you can almost feel what it's like to be inside Barrie's head now, can't you? (That's some bizarre, scary place to be......)

Tune in again next month for a probing and insightful exposition of another regular IBG'er.....


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